Serra degli Alimini

Spontaneous nature

ALTAIR was born in the heart of Serra degli Alimini, a tourist area of 140 hectares nestled between lakes, green woods, high sand dunes and the great blue of the Mediterranean. Declared a Site of Community Importance by the European Habitat Directive, the park welcomes and protects numerous species of flora and fauna in an incredible ecosystem.


ALTAIR is located on the east coast of Salento. Here the winds are known for changing the landscape from time to time. Thus, on the cool days of the Tramontana, on the opposite side of the Otranto canal, the Balkan massif appears, so clear that it almost seems to touch it.

Ricciardi family

ALTAIR is the story of a family and a constantly evolving dream. Together with the staff, the three Ricciardi siblings have re invigorated the grounds through new eyes. Today the structure retains its original state with new freshness and welcomes visitors with care and dedication.


The architecture is inspired by the sky and the geometries of the constellation of Aquila. Al-taïr, meaning”eagle” in Arabic, is the name of the brightest star in the sky. The white decorated suites offer a modern clean environment providing all the essentials. The design of the overall shape of the suites are reminiscent of large wings reaching deep into the depth of the pine forest. In a setting of centuries-old trees, a network of sinuous paths connects the rooms to the lobby and the saltwater pool, like a night sky of constellations united by a magical design.


The birth of Altair dates back to the late seventies, when INSUD conducted studies for the development of some areas of the South. The extraordinary characteristics of this place will lead to the construction of a tourist area, called “Laghi Alimini”, by the Nizzoli architecture studio.