Fire is the element of the soul. A welcoming place rich in its traditions, Salento is a warm, vibrant land moved by great vitality.

The night of the Taranta

From the tradition of Salentinian popular music, played with a few notes that are repeated in an almost obsessive way creating a rhythmatic sound that enchants the listener, accompanied by tambourines and a fascinating dance, this original event is born. La Notte della Taranta is a popular music festival dedicated to traditional Salentinian music and its collaboration with other genres. The festival takes place in August, first in Grecìa Salentina (municipalities of Salento of Hellenistic origin) and then in Melpignano, with the concluding concert. If you are a lover of music and festivals then this is a must do experience. We can help you to organise your visit.

Sunrise at the Palacia Lighthouse

Witnessing the sunrise of Italy is an enchanting ritual. An exciting experience, like the fiery red that rises from the horizon to the east, between the blue and purple brushstrokes of the sea and the sky. Located a few kilometers from Altair, the Palacìa lighthouse, an active lighthouse of Otranto, is a suggestive place to carefully observe the phenomenon of dawn, far from light and acoustic distractions from the urban centers. The lighthouse can be visited. In summer and on New Year’s Eve it becomes the backdrop for exclusive events such as classical music concerts and theatre performances.

Bauxite Lake

The lake of fire, located in Otranto, is a spectacular show of intense colors. It is a man made water deposit, inside a former bauxite quarry, a mineral from which aluminum is obtained. The quarry, abandoned for several decades, now houses one of the most iconic places in Salento to visit. It is forbidden to swim however but just viewing the intense red that contrasts with the green of the water and the blue of the sky is enough to feel grateful for nature and its gifts.