A short and picturesque 900 m path leads directly from ALTAIR to the beach at Alimini. The road crosses the dense pine forest to the sound of cicadas until it reaches one of the most beautiful beaches in Puglia. From here there is a wide expanse of beach with fine grained sand created by the sea. When it turns black, it means the remains of the ancient volcano is resurfacing and therefore painting the sand with its dark minerals. The seabed slopes gently from the waters entrance, making the beach accessible and safe for everyone, even for the little ones. Along the beach there are numerous other beach lido’s offering typical cuisine, drinks and magnificent panorama.

Natural benefits

The sun and the sea air are unparalleled sources of health and well-being for the body.
Breathing iodine from the sea helps the mood and stimulates the interaction between the lungs and the circulatory system.
The warm rays of the sun help to improve the beauty of the skin and strengthens bones, stimulating the production of vitamin D.
Even the black sand in the hottest hours hides an ancient secret elixir: psammatotherapy.

How to get to Alimini beach

  • with a pleasant walk in the woods
  • bike path accessible to all
  • with the ALTAIR shuttle service

ALTAIR beach umbrellas and sunbeds can be booked.